19 October

Volunteer with Dublin Book Festival


This year sees us celebrate our 10th year and we want to invite you to the literary party of the year. It may be cold outside, but this winter let us warm you with our anniversary edition of Dublin Book Festival. This year’s line up boasts one of Ireland’s most celebrated, witty and forthright political figures, Mary O Rourke, as well as a very different leading lady is Alan Amsby, the national trailblazer & international ‘Cause De Celebre’ extraordinaire, ‘Mr Pussy’. We have events and screenings – including a Hubert Butler documentary at Dublin’s RDS and conversations with film maker turned author John Boorman – as well as a schools’ programme and children’s programme, with a welcome return to our enchanted ‘Winter Garden’. We also have tours of all sorts for the grown ups – from literary pub ‘crawls’ to architectural treasures, from the famous Pat Liddy to a walk through Joyce’s Dublin.

Volunteering puts you at the forefront of the festival experience and presents a wonderful opportunity to see how an arts festival of this scale is managed and organised. But volunteering also gives you access to a community that lives beyond the festival, the always evolving social and professional circles in the arts.

Volunteers can be found at all our venues and events. They are more than just a smiling face in the crowd – volunteers are ushering and stewarding, providing crowd control and the first point of contact for the public, guiding them from the street to their seats.  A dynamic team spirit creates an unforgettable experience for our audience and attendees – our volunteers are invaluable assets, giving up their free time to make sure others enjoy the festival to the full.

How can you become a Volunteer Bookworm?

Our Volunteer call out has gone live and you can download the application here. Please return the completed form by 5pm sharp on Friday 28th of October to www.dubbookfestvolunteers@gmail.com

Keen to find out what happens next?  On Tuesday 25th of  October we become an ‘open book’ for you to make your mark.  We are hosting an Open Volunteer Information Evening for those interested in what it takes to volunteer with an event like Dublin Book Festival.  This will be held in the Banquet Hall of Smock Alley Theatre at 6.30pm.

So all aspiring scribes, Kindle junkies, scribblers, note takers and note makers, post-it addicts, quill dippers and poetry slam partakers, become an edition in this limited anniversary series of Dublin Book Festival. Don’t get left on the shelf!

‘From the moment I picked up your book

until I laid it down I was convulsed with laughter.

Someday I intend reading it.’

-Groucho Marx